Ways you can help support KCBP Community Radio 

Building Successful Platforms

A good fundraising campaign is well-thought out and has numerous components. From in depth research studies and data analysis to marketing communications and donor projections, we make certain all the important facets are built into your campaign.

Measuring Success

A good fundraising campaign does bring immediate results, its long standing effects and impact is what truly measures how successful it is. With KCBP Community Radio, you can believe that your fundraising goals can be met and your long-term success assured.

Nonprofits & Communities

Our goal is to make a meaningful difference that provides lasting results for community nonprofits and civic minded agencies. We take a flexible and scalable approach with campaigns and fundraising initiatives to strengthen and build giving relationships.

KCBP Community radio is supported by the the generous  folks who continue to give of their time, energy and resources.  Here are a few ways you can help.  Thank you for your support.